Goodbye Feedburner, Hello Feedblitz

With multiple news about feedburner might stop, I’ve decided to take the plunge and move out of Feedburner. The feeds from Enjoyable Recipes will now be served via Feedblitz. To all my few but loyal RSS readers, if you were subscribed at the feedburner URL, please update the subscription URL to If you are unsure of the URL to which you subscribed to, simply drop and re-add the feed so that the URL stays current. The email subscribers have been moved on to Mail Chimp and will receive weekly digests.

July YBR Round Up

July was a comparatively better month for us in terms of blogging. We posted more recipes. We also followed more food communities and blogs and found some wonderful new recipes. As I have been doing since April, I submitted one of my recipes in the “Your Best Recipe” section over at the Spicie Foodie Blog. Hope you enjoy the Round up of mouth watering recipes.

July YBR Round Up

May YBR Round Up

I have been pretty busy these past 2 months so haven’t been online much. As a result this blog has been neglected. I also missed following all the wonderful recipes included in the May YBR. Since I had only 1 recipe I submitted that one.

Click the image below to visit the round up and see all the wonderful Recipes.


April YBR Round Up

Well from this month, I joined a “Your Best Recipe” Roundup that is promoted by Nancy from The Spicie Foodie

The roundup is really awesome. There are such lovely recipes included in it and I love going through them all. Sumi and I have even decided to try some of them. Hopefully they are as good as the original.

I submitted my recipe Pancharangi Chaatni.

Click below to go to the April Roundup Page.